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What Is a Verb?

verb is a word that either describes an action or an event (what someone or something does) or else helps to describe a state or a condition (what someone or something is or is like).

  • It rained all day yesterday.
  • The girl smiled at him.
  • Her father owns the local newspaper.
  • Give him a kiss!
  • The door opened.
  • If only we had more time!
  • We arrive in Singapore at nine o’clock at night.
  • Her mother Is a nurse.
  • Be sensible!
  • She seems honest.
  • He looks a bit worried.

It is, of course, quite possible to have two or more verbs in a sentence:

  • I hope she returned the book to you in good condition.
  • suspect that he knew the reason for the delay.
  • think that is the tool we need for this job.
  • hope to return to Egypt next year.
  • They wanted to know the reason for the delay.
  • saw her put that ring in her pocket.

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