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Use Of English Test 9 – The Personal Trainer

What does a personal trainer do? I meet each client to discuss what he or she is looking for. It could be from improving general fitness to losing - or, in a few cases, - weight. I then devise a training program for them which I think will them to achieve their . If they’ve had anything with them, say a back , I speak to their doctor who will me what not to do. If someone eats and drinks too much, it’s easy to suggest they , but if that doesn’t , I look at their diet. I prefer to train on a one-to-one , though I do sometimes work with if they are friends and want to train together.

Who needs a personal trainer? I think most people do. A trainer will you to try . You achieve 20 per cent more than you could training alone, no how dedicated you are. I’ve got a lot of Americans on my books, and I actually prefer them. most Brits, who still haven’t really got the idea, Americans know how to work out.


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