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Use Of English Test 8 – Shopping In Japan

Unlike millions of Britons, who will not know how much the Christmas turkey, child’s bicycle and the January sales have them until the credit card bill arrives, the Japanese to settle up before they’ve even their shopping list.

The Japanese like to improve on every idea, even if the idea is cash. So they have been about the pre-paid card. It the bother of banknotes and it saves the Japanese the fear of being in to someone else.

It with the convenient pre-paid telephone card and has through train ticket cards, taxi cards, and supermarket cards all the way to McDonald’s hamburgers cards.

Few Westerners can understand why anyone want to give money to a supermarket or a department store by buying a pre-paid card. But credit companies are held in some suspicion in Japan. People have traditionally preferred cash and will happily stroll the streets with quite large of money in their pockets. The fact that street crime is fairly helps.

Pre-paid cards are now as as chopsticks and twice as convenient. About 500 million cards were sold in the first five years after they became .


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