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Use Of English Test 7 – Picture This

Getting friends and family to pose for photos is hard enough, but how would you cope with a rabbit, an owl or a butterfly that simply to keep still?

Simon King, wildlife film-maker and photographer, says you don’t need any formal to get started. The whole is that photographing wildlife should be fun. Simon offers the following :

Specialize from the start. You’re more likely to get good sooner if you on one type of wildlife - insects for instance - than just going off to the woods or park with your camera and snapping whatever you see.

something that isn’t hard to photograph. Choosing an animal that’s hard to , or will run away if it sees you unnecessary problems. How about flowers, or a group of birds?

second-hand camera shops and local papers for quality . You don’t need to a fortune - Simon started with just a second-hand camera that cost around £30. But you will need a single lens reflex camera.

Remember it’s the photograph that counts, not just the subject. you’re composing a picture and try to be as artistic as possible.


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