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Use Of English Test 6 – On Your Bike

If you are getting fed up wasting time looking for parking space, my to you is to consider the bicycle as an alternative of transport. Cycling is probably the cheapest and healthiest way of getting in our congested city centers. it is convenient and environmentally desirable, it can be an unattractive on a cold wintry morning. It is much easier to onto a nice warm bus or jump into your car, the sight of cyclists as they weave their way in and out of the traffic may fill you with as you sit waiting in yet traffic jam. In spite of the that worsening pollution is getting many people , causing more and more health problems, and it is fashionable to express one’s of the environmentally safe bicycle, it is hard to the danger cyclists face in sharing the road with cars. cycling is not as risky as it looks at first sight, there are more and more accidents involving cyclists.


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