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Use Of English Test 5 – The Best Stone In The World

In 1769 George and Eleanor Coade bought a factory manufacturing artificial stone in southeast London on a at Pedlar’s Acre, south the river. The family were running a successful factory in the south-west of England. Within a year of moving the capital, George Coade died, leaving his wife and daughter to on the business. The Coade Stone they perfected to become the most permanent stone ever made. The product developed by the factory’s former , Richard Holt, was a kind of baked clay. The two women with his recipe, and in creating a new kind of stone which was almost a hundred percent weather-proof.

The advantage of Coade Stone is that while natural stone slowly breaks down and erodes away, Coade Stone seems to be to survive in all weather conditions for many years. The National Gallery, the Royal Opera House and Buckingham Palace display their original ornaments made of Coade Stone. mother and daughter were clever businesswomen. They only the top artists of the day to model their stone into statues and other ornaments.

After the deaths of Eleanor Coade and her daughter the factory survived for twenty years, but in 1840 it closed. With it went the Coade Stone recipe which was , and has never been rediscovered.


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