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Use Of English Test 3 – The Four-Minute Mile

It is the nature of athletic records that they are broken and their place is taken by new ones. Yet in many sports , there is a mark which is not in itself, but which becomes a legend as athletes to break it. The most of these is the attempt to run the mile in than four minutes.

In 1945, the mile record was to 4 minutes, 1.5 seconds. And there, for nine years, it stuck. Then, in 1954, a medical student Roger Bannister decided to try and break the record. He had been for this day since running the mile in 4 minutes, 2 seconds the year.

Two other runners set the pace for him, and 250 yards to go he burst ahead for the finish. He wrote : ‘My body had exhausted all its energy, but it on running just the same. Those few seconds seemed never-ending. I could see the line of the finishing tape. I jumped like a man making a desperate attempt to save himself from danger.’ Bannister’s time was 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds. this record has been broken on many since, Bannister’s achievement will never be forgotten.


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