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Use Of English Test 2 – Becoming A Nurse: The Interview

The reality of an interview is never as bad as your fears. For some people imagine the interviewer is going to jump on every tiny mistake they . In truth, the interviewer is as for the meeting to go well as you are. It is what his or her job enjoyable.

The secret of a good interview is preparing for it. What you wear is always important as it creates the first impression. So neatly, but comfortably. Make that you can deal with anything you are . Prepare for questions that are certain to come up, for example: Why do you want to become a nurse? What is the most important a good nurse should have? Apart from nursing, what other careers have you ? What are your interests and hobbies?

Answer the questions fully and precisely. , if one of your interests is reading, be prepared to about the sort of books you like. , do not learn all your answers off heart. The interviewer wants to meet a human , not a robot. Remember, the interviewer is genuinely interested in you, so the more you relax and are yourself, the more you are to succeed.


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