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Use Of English Test 17 – E-Mail Or Snail Mail

Modern technology has brought about enormous improvements in communications and yet many people are still very worried using the latest computer technology. I am often to meet colleagues who still don’t know what the ‘e’ in e-mail stands for and they are too to ask.

They assume you have to be skilled computers to send a message via e-mail but in fact it is thing in the world. It is also to send an e-mail message to send an ordinary letter or a ‘snail’ message which also takes longer. An e-mail message is only more expensive than a local telephone call to send; on top of the call itself you also have to pay a fee to your ‘server’. If you send a letter by mail it will take a couple of days to get there whereas an e-mail will not take than a few seconds. Once you become to using the system you will be at how much more it is than other means of communication. Of course, before you have access to e-mail, you will need a fairly computer, which can be quite expensive.


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