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Use Of English Test 16 – Bad News

The mass media nowadays are our main source of information about what’s happening in the world and the impression one from them about human is pretty depressing. My blood rises every time I switch the television on. Apart from gossip about personalities, the picture they paint of human is that they are violent and bloodthirsty. They just report crimes, violations of human rights and the way we are destroying our natural . They rarely report in science or medicine; it’s a bleak picture. Last night, there was a report about a mass from a prison in Chicago during which five prison guards dead as the prisoners were their getaway. Then there was the story of someone who gunned down by police when he went berserk and massacred ten innocent in a shopping centre somewhere - again - in the United States. I see now where Hollywood get their ideas from. They just turn on the news and they’ve got themselves a scenario. It seems to me that news have become a form of entertainment.


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