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Use Of English Test 15 – The Big Day

Whatever candidates may think about examiners, they are not in fact monsters, dripping red ink instead of blood, but ordinary people who will do their best to pass candidates as as candidates follow certain basic rules of the game. Many candidates are in the First Certificate not because their English is but because they are about the requirements of the examination. Before you for the examination, make sure you know what is expected of you; you are to do well unless you answer all the questions set, and don’t include material. Don’t start writing as as you get the paper - think first, write ! If part of an answer is incorrect, you cross it out and write the preferred answer neatly above it. If your handwriting illegible, it will be difficult for the examiner to give you credit for it, it is right or . You will also lose marks if your essay is written in an style for the type of writing and intended audience.


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