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Use Of English Test 14 – The Mystery Of The Marie Celeste

We spotted the Marie Celeste drifting in mid-Atlantic on December 5, 1872. Since the ship looked damaged, the captain said the three of us board her at once investigate and him back any information we could get hold of. We climb on board without too much difficulty but we couldn’t see any sign of life anywhere. The crew of the Marie Celeste have abandoned ship the ship’s small lifeboat was missing. Some navigational equipment which a ship of that kind had on board was also missing. The crew had much time to abandon ship because they had not with them many of their personal possessions. Luckily, we to find the ship’s log which helped us a great deal in our . The last time the captain of the Maria Celeste had an entry in the ship’s log was November 21. Something extraordinary must have taken between this date and December 5. The captain of the ship, Benjamin Briggs, had extensive of the high seas so what had made him the decision to abandon ship in the middle of nowhere?


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