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Use Of English Test 12 – Night Visitor

She put the key in the keyhole as quietly as she could but she found it as the door was old and rusty. As she opened the door, it squeaked on its old hinges. ‘I wish they’d oil the thing a bit more ,’ she muttered to herself . She closed the door behind her and then tiptoed across the room. Unfortunately, this time it was the floorboards that betrayed her as they creaked with every step she took. It had been so since the old house had been built - it had been about two hundred years before and for all Helen knew they had replaced the original floorboards. Helen’s heart began to beat . It was one o’clock. Helen’s parents must have gone to bed . This was most unusual. Rarely to bed before she got home. No sooner had she put her foot on the first stair she heard a muffled voice call out, ‘Who’s there? Is that you, Helen?’


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