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Use Of English Test 11 – Yachtswoman

Lisa Clayton’s dream was to become the first woman in history to sail single-handed, non-stop and unassisted around the world. On 17 September 1994, she set sail in Spirit of Birmingham on what could have been the final of her life. Here are some of her notes on the journey.

Day 182. The loneliness got worse the day. When you haven’t a ship or land for four months, talked to anyone, it really gets you . The sense of isolation is frightening.

Day 217. I a lot of my trip feeling frustrated and frightened, it was because of the winds, a broken heater or the sharks. I remember thinking, ‘This is crazy!’ The sun was out, the sea was and here I was tears! Then I saw the most wonderful - a 12m whale which swam the boat for hours.

Day 286. Two days before I crossed the line a helicopter came out scanning the seas for me. That’s when I finally thought, ‘I’m going to do it.’ About 50 boats escorted me into the harbor where thousands of people were waiting, me on. And, as I docked, fireworks and cannons . It was just mad!


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