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Use Of English Test 1 – What Teenagers Do With Their Money

Thirteen-year-olds do not spend as much money as their parents suspect - at least not according to the findings of a survey, Money and Change. The survey three hundred teenagers, 13-17 years old, from Britain.

By the time they their teens, most children see their weekly allowance rise dramatically to an amazing national average of £5.14. Two thirds think they get money, but most expect to have to do something to get it.

Although they have more cash, worry about debt is among teenagers. Therefore, the of children an effort to save for the future.

Greater access to cash teenagers does not, however, mean that they are more irresponsible a result. The economic recession seems to have encouraged attitudes to money, even in the case of children at these ages. Instead of wasting what pocket they have on sweets or magazines, the 13-year-olds who took in the survey seem to to the situation by saving more than half their cash.


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