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Upper Intermediate English Grammar – Adjectives – Test 3

1. Her summary report is _____ than Ted’s one.

2. The video of the accident was _____.

3. Homer describes the _____ customs of the Greeks.

4. Everybody loves her. She is a _____ person who cares, always helps and makes your day sunny.

5. This competitor seems to be _____ He has won the sixth race this month.

6. Migrants to European countries often take _____ journeys over the sea.

7. My friend likes travelling to nice _____ places which are unknown to the majority of tourists.

8. My colleague is a _____ man. He doesn’t forgive offenses and always pays back.

9. The celebrity wore a _____ dress. Fashion critics were not impressed.

10. My sister chose a _____ pencil skirt and pale green top for her first date. She didn’t want to look showy.


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