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Mixed Level English Grammar – Articles – Test 4

1. Julia was in the kitchen when she saw a mouse run into _____ space behind the cooker.

2. Be careful! Radiation from _____ sun can cause skin cancer.

3. Many local people were worried about the effect the new factory would have on _____ environment.

4. Kevin lives in Madrid but twice _____ week he has to work in Barcelona.

5. Steven wants to have a holiday somewhere near _____ sea this year. He wants to sunbathe on the beach.

6. They saw _____ boy.

7. What’s _____ capital of France?

8. Everyone who works in this office uses _____ computer.

9. Sarah likes to listen to _____ radio while she is getting dressed.

10. It hasn’t rained for weeks so _____ ground is very dry and hard.


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