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Everyday vs. Every Day

Unlike the tragic “alot,” both words in this pair are real words with different uses. Every day brings new solutions for our everyday problems.


  • I go to the mailbox everyday.
  • My every day issue is locating my keys.
  • My habit is to have cream in my coffee everyday.


If you read sections of this book every day, your everyday grammar skills will improve. The first one — every day — is the same as “each and every day” in that the days can be counted, one by one. I take vitamins every day. An everyday occurrence is something that is normal, mundane, and common. My everyday issue is locating my keys. Nothing about an everyday experience is out of the ordinary; it is the usual thing.


The same logic applies for some day, some time, and any time. Note, however, that it doesn’t work for any day, because “anyday” is not something we ever say.

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