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Everyday English Vocabulary Test 36 – Going Shopping

If you want to buy a ready-made (or we sometimes say off the ) jacket, first find the jackets in the shop and look at the inside to see the size, material and make. For the price, look at the price-. To see if it will you, you can the jacket in front of a mirror. If necessary a (an) will help you. You pay the , who you will find at the desk. He or she will take your money, put it in the and give you your change. Make sure you also get a (an) , which you should keep and bring back to the shop with the jacket if something is wrong with it and you want to it or ask for a (an) of your money. In clothes shops you pay the fixed price, of course. You don’t . Or you can wait until the , when many goods are reduced in price. If you don’t like shops, you can stay at home, look at catalogues and newspaper advertisements and do your shopping by order.


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