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Everyday English Vocabulary Test 33 – Public Transport

A taxi, sometimes called a , is the most comfortable way to travel. You simply the taxi in the street or go to a taxi , where there are several taxis waiting, for example at a station. At the end of your journey, you can see how much the is by looking at the . You add a to this, and that’s it. Very simple. But expensive! What about taking a bus? If it has two floors, it’s called a double- and you can get a good view from the top. If it has only one floor, it’s called a (an) -decker. Most buses have a twoperson the , who drives, of course, and the , who takes your money. Keep your ticket because a (an) might want to it. You catch a bus by waiting at a bus . You can see where a bus is going because the is written on the front. But try to avoid the hour. Quicker than the bus is the underground (called the in London, the in New York and the in Paris and many other cities). You buy your ticket at the ticket-office. Go down to the on the or in the . The train comes. The doors open. You get on. You look at the map of the underground system, Very simple. For longer distances take a train or a long distance bus, usually called a which is slower but cheaper. The train is very fast. Put your luggage on the and sit and wait till you arrive.


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