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Everyday English Vocabulary Test 16 – Buying A House

Tony and Sheila’s first home was a (an) house, one of a line of houses all connected. But several years later when they had a small child, they found it rather for three people. They wanted something more and so decided to move. They went to a (an) and looked at details of the houses he had to offer. They looked at a house (one of a pair attached to each other), liked it, and asked a to inspect it for them. He said that it was in good , and they therefore decided to buy it. Luckily they sold their house quickly and soon a (an) firm was taking all their furniture and other possessions to their new home. But already, after a couple of years, they are hoping to move again. Tony’s business is doing well and they want to get a (an) to design a modern, house for them, and a (an) to build it.


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