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Everyday English Vocabulary Test 1 – At The Airport

When you travel by air you have to get to the airport early in order to about an hour before your flight. If you have a lot of luggage, you can put it in a and push it to the where someone will your ticket and weigh your luggage. If you have , it can be expensive. Your heavy luggage is put on a and carried away. A light bag is classed as and you can take it with you on to the plane. A (an) looks at your passport and a (an) checks your hand luggage before you go into the to wait till your flight is called. If you want to, you can buy some cheap goods here. Then you see on the or you hear a (an) that you must your plane. You go through the , then there is sometimes a before you actually enter the plane. When all the are , and when the captain and his crew are ready in the cockpit, the plane begins to to the end of the . Finally, permission is received from the control tower and the plane moves faster and faster in order to .


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